Marketing Digital

We understand the shopper to generate performance strategies and campaigns that generate quality traffic with a focus on conversion. We know the consumer to design branding projects that seek to connect with the right audience and make brands and their products relevant.

Performance campaigns

Based on our 5-step methodology, we generate digital marketing campaigns in the Google Ads and Meta Ads ecosystem to drive qualified traffic, with purchase intention to our client’s sites.

Brand strategy

We understand our clients, their culture, their vision and their current positioning to design strategies and plans that connect with their consumers in a more powerful, emotional and functional way.


Both for website content or dynamic content in social networks, the visual impact, consistent and with call to action, is key when it comes to generating that contact with a potential buyer in those few seconds in which we can capture their attention.

Web Development and Custom HTML at Mercado Shops

The architecture of a website is as important as its aesthetics: being able to offer a simple and attractive UX (user experience) to improve conversion includes a methodology and technical aspects that must be taken into account when launching your own site. We work on all platforms, and being a Development Agency certified by Mercado Shops, we can work with the page code and make customizations that are not available as standard.