Commercial Strategy and Skills Development

We improve the chances of success of all types of organizations from a precise diagnosis to the design of the appropriate consulting or training solutions. Go To Market Strategies, Commercial Vision and Strategy, Training for Commercial teams or launching businesses into new markets or Categories are some of our solutions.

Commercial strategy

We facilitate the creation or redefinition of a corporate and commercial vision that will set the direction in which the organization should move. For this we use a mix of techniques (analysis, workshops, individual discussions, benchmarks) that integrate trend information, market data and diagnosis of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, in addition to its unique cultural component. We help define or review Route to Market strategies, which indicate how companies will give access to their products or services to their customers. This way of reaching the market must be consistent with the category, the preferences of buyers and consumers, the necessary capabilities of the company and the associated costs.

Operational optimization

We make sure that current processes are formal and efficient enough to maximize the probability of success. In growing companies or facing new activities, we help design the appropriate processes for their type and size, ensuring clarity and efficiency, without falling into unnecessary bureaucracy.

Category Management and Shopper Marketing

We develop a Category approach, seeking long-term partnerships with retail in pursuit of genuine growth. The ultimate objective is to have more consumers who use more products with higher added value (or more shoppers buying a basket with a higher average ticket more frequently).

Diagnosis, advice and mentoring: Providing an external, structured and experienced perspective to be able to put all the pieces together and see the “everything” is necessary to capture opportunities that on a day-to-day basis may go unnoticed or may seem difficult to address.

Training and Development of competences

For adult learning, practice with simulated and real cases, games, role plays, discussions and coaching are key. That is why our programs have a mix of dynamics that maximize the actionable learning of the participants. Short training sessions, annual programs, workshops, talks at meetings or conventions, and participation as speakers at congresses and events are part of our corporate training solutions.