Omnichannel is no longer optional in today’s world. Supported by our experience in marketplaces in LATAM and the US, we are a Certified Consultant by Mercado Libre and Amazon Partner. Thus, we empower our clients to create and optimize their digital channels through world-class methodologies and professionals.

Mercado Libre and Amazon

As one of the first Mercado Libre and Amazon Partners Certified Consultants, we have vast experience in more than 11 markets helping hundreds of sellers improve their positioning and sales, while becoming more efficient and profitable. We work on aspects related to the 3 types of Media: Own, Paid and Earned, and in this way we go far beyond the quality of the publications or response times.

Own e-commerce

Our experience in ecommerce strategy is not limited to marketplaces, but we help companies define their complete omnichannel strategy, including their own sites, marketplaces, O2O, social networks, and their clients’ sites (retailers).

Expansion to new markets

Whether it is to expand your business to more attractive markets or to diversify and not depend on a single country, our one-stop solution methodology allows sellers to develop a strategy for reaching the new market in a holistic way, taking into account commercial, legal, regulatory, logistical and tax aspects.

Operational support

Sometimes sellers know what they have to do but do not have the dedicated resources to carry out certain tasks in an agile and efficient way. That is where we seek to support them also in the execution. For that we put resources dedicated to publishing, pre and post-sale management, design, etc.