We help companies to address the new challenge of informed, demanding consumers, who seek custom-made solutions. New technologies enable us to deeply understand the shopper in a more segmented way with cost-efficient proposals. To have knowledge on who you´re talking to, how he or she wants to be approached, how decisions are made and how brands & products are perceived is key for any communication and commercial strategy.


We design studies to generate ideas and stimulus to feed decisions o further research stages. We work with interactive online panels, video, audio, Q&A and essays/cases. We also deliver traditional FGs, ethnographic and shop-alongs (we go shopping with the shopper and observe & document all behaviors).


We deliver in store, out of store and online studies. Our research know how, along with our actual business experience allow us to understand and decode results, extracting fresh, actionable insights, conclusions and recommendations.


We are convinced that without information we only have opinions. That´s why we generate data that enable us to understand uncommon business situations or about non-formal channels or industries. We seek for the most innovative, efficient and accurate option, even in scenarios where it seems impossible to obtain data and KPIs.